Powerball Lottery Winner Claims $425 Million on April Fool's Day

Powerball Lottery Tickets, (source: Flickr CC; by Claire P.)

A winner for the $425 Million Powerball Lottery has stepped forward to claim his prize on April Fool's Day. B. Raymond Buxton is the winner of the Powerball Lottery. This is what he has to say on it:

"Unbelievable! is all I could muster...once the initial shock passed, I couldn't sleep for days." B. Raymond Buxton checked his ticket over and over in disbelief. He could not belief that he won, and wondered if it was real.

B. Raymond Buxton has been playing the Powerball Lottery for 20 years, and it is finally paying off for $425 million.

$425 Million Powerball Winner has a great sense of Humor

B. Raymond Buxton went to the California Lottery Headquarters in Sacramento to claim his $425 million in winnings on April 1, 2014, and it was no joke, although he has a great sense of humor.

B. Raymond Buxton claimed his winning ticket wearing a Star Wars shirt that read: "Luck of the Jedi I have."

What the Powerball Lottery Winnings will be used for

B. Raymond Buxton has stated that he will use the winnings to set up a foundation for pediatric health, ending child hunger, and improving education.

B. Raymond Buxton really doesn't want to get media attention for being a Powerball winner, and doesn't want to share his age or previous job information for security reasons.

This winning ticket was bought at a convenience store in Milpitas, which is 10 miles north of San Jose, CA.

The Powerball Lottery is available to play in 43 states, plus Washington D.C. and U.S. Virgin Islands.

Statistic: The actual odds of winning the Powerball Lottery are about 1 in 175 million.

B. Raymond Buxton Email Phishing Scam

If you receive any kind of email from someone claiming to be B. Raymond Buxton, it is a scam. The real B. Raymond Buxton is not emailing people, wanting to give away his winnings.

February 2015 Powerball Reaches $450 Million

The Powerball prize amount has risen to $450 Million USD after no one claimed the prize award in this multi-state Powerball. The next Powerball drawing will take place on Wednesday, February 11, 2015. This February 2015 Powerball is one of the highest payouts ever.

Puerto Rican Powerball Winner wants to be Anonymous

One winner of the $564 Million dollar Powerball in February 2015 chose to stay anonymous, and rightly so.  People claim to be relatives and hassle Powerball winners for money if their name is publicly announced. The winner of the $564 Million powerball can take a lump sum of $101 Million or receive 30 payments over 30 years.

January 2016 $1.5B Powerball Winner Rumor

Snopes.com debunked the rumor that a winner of the $1.5B Powerball Lottery in January 2016 died of a cocaine overdose. This was not the case.

According to the rumor:

1 out of the 3 winners was 32 year old James Hugston. His lump sum pay out was an estimated $327 million dollars. His first large purchase was a multi-million dollar home. James Hugston was then found dead over a kilo of cocaine.

This rumor was "fake news" reported by the website TmzWorldstar.com, which has been known to launch other fictional stories in the past.

Patrick Forte Patrick Richmond Phishing Scam Emails

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Patrick Forte Phishing Scam Email

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What I propose is that since I have exclusive access to his file, you will be made the beneficiary of these funds. My bank will contact you informing you that money has been willed to you. On verification, which will be the details I make available to my bank, my bank will instruct Santander Bank in Spain to make payments to you. You do not have to have known him. I know this might be a bit heavy for you but please trust me on this. For all your troubles I propose that we split the money in half. In the banking circle this happens every time. 

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Please, again, note I am a family man; I have a wife and children. I send you this mail not without a measure of fear as to the consequences, but I know within me that nothing ventured is nothing gained and that success and riches never come easy or on a platter of gold. This is the one truth I have learned from my private banking clients. 

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Mr. Patrick Forte

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Email Phishing from Bedroom

Email Phishing from Bedroom