Naoyuki Shinohara IMF World Bank Email Phishing Scam

Naoyuki Shinohara

TEL: 940 238 3838,
FAX: 973 201 2065



Based on the present anti-fraud/scam war, the International Monetary Fund
(IMF) Anti-fraud teams in collaboration with the World Bank are making
sure that financial fraud is wiped out completely. The Internet Service
Providers have noticed an increased email traffic hence the action of the
security operatives to restrict cyber-crime.

In this regard, three hundred and six (306) bank and government officials
have been arrested in so many countries so far and arrest is still going
on. We have recovered the total sum of US$3.2 Billion from them in both
cash and assets confirmed to have come from their victims and foreign
beneficiaries' of both contract funds, inheritance funds and lottery
winnings. Thousands of email addresses of victims (which include yours)
have also been recovered from their address books. It is at this juncture
that we are contacting you because you are now listed as one of the
beneficiaries of the IMF/World Bank compensation payment of 2013 batch

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) with the World Bank are making
refunds of US$1,000,000.00 each to all foreigners whom his/her email
address is listed on the recovered address book of these arrested
fraudulent officials. This refund is of two types:-
(a) Those who are beneficiaries of contract, inheritance or lottery funds.
(b) Those who are simply found to be scam victims, by receiving fraudulent
and scam email letters from these officials, will receive a flat rate
compensation of US$1,000,000.00 each.

Your compensation payment will be release to you through our West African
Regional Office on your contact to them as instruction for the release of
your compensation payment has already been passed to them and the issuing
bank. You have to direct your communication to our West African Regional
Office ONLY on the below information to claim your compensation payment:-

Handler: Naoyuki Shinohara
Contact Person:  Mr Andrew Tweedie

Endeavour to send the following details required for verification and
subsequent release of your compensation payment.
1. Full Names:..................................................
2. Address:......................................................
3. Telephone/Mobile:.....................................
4. Age and Gender:..........................................
5. Nationality:...................................................
6. Occupation:...................................................
7. Bank Name and Address:................................
NOTE: You are hereby advised to disassociate yourself from any form of
communication with these banks and government officials mostly from
African countries and follow our guidelines.

Yours Sincerely,

Naoyuki Shinohara

Contact info:
Mr. Naoyuki Shinohara.
Deputy Managing Director,
International Monetary Fund,
Washington, DC 20431, USA.

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons; by Joi

IMF Int. Monetary Fund Scam #2

Subject: Fund Approved For Transfer

Mr Andrew Tweedie

Attn: Beneficiary

A power of attorney was forwarded to our office this morning by two gentle men, one of them is an American national and he is MR DAVID DEANE by name while the other person is MR... JACK MORGAN by name a CANADIAN national.

This gentlemen claimed to be your representative, and this power of attorney stated that you are dead, they brought an account to replace your information in other to claim your fund of $12.5 Million USD which is now lying DORMANT and UNCLAIMED, below is the new account they have submitted:

Vancouver, CANADA
ACCOUNT NO. 2984-0008-66

Be further informed that this power of attorney also stated that you suffered and died of throat cancer. You are therefore given 24hrs to confirm the truth in this information, If you are still alive, You are to contact us back immediately, Because we work 24 hrs just to ensure that we monitor all the activities going on in regards to the transfer of beneficiaries inheritance and contract payment.

You are to call this office immediately for clarifications on this matter as we shall be available 24 hrs to speak with you and give you the necessary guidelines on how to ensure that your payment is wired to you immediately.

Just also be informed that any further delay from your side could be dangerous, as we would not be held responsible of wrong payment.

Mr Andrew Tweedie

Finance Department Director
International Monetary Funds IMF Agents

Muso Bello Money from Nigeria Phishing Scam

Nigerian Prince scam
Nigerian Prince meme

The following email is a scam email. Do not respond or provide personal information to the sender if you receive this:

I am Musa Bello from Nigeria, personal assistant and lawyer to the former
President of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania (Mr.Maaouya Ould Sid'Ahmed
Taya). When he left the office of presidency in 2005 he visited the
Northern part of Nigeria where we met. Mr.Maaouya Ould Sid'Ahmed Taya
choose me to work with him as his personal assistant and lawyer in
Nigeria. What i was doing for him was to help him remit million of dollars
to his Nigerian Political friends. This has been happening for many years
and i was thinking he was sponsoring his Muslim friends election campaign in the northern part of
Nigeria until the Nigeria authorities found out the money has been using money to
sponsor the Terrorist (Boko Haram) in Nigeria.

Recently, Mr.Maaouya Ould Sid'Ahmed Taya  instructed me to open a new
account with my son's name in a different bank in Nigeria in the month of
March and immediately the account was opened, he transferred the sum of
forty five million united states dollars (US $45,000,000.00) for save
keeping which he has not given me instruction to remit to any body before
he was discovered as Terrorist (Boko Haram) financial sponsor. 3 northern
states in Nigeria has been declared a STATE OF EMERGENCY in order to chase
away the Terrorist (Boko Haram). I was able to escape to the United
kingdom with my family before my name was announced and declared wanted.
Here in the United Kingdom we are not finding it any easy. Since the
Nigeria government could not trace the forty five million united states
dollars (US $45,000,000.00) and that is the only hope we have for now, i
have contacted you to help me receive the money to your account then i can
move to invest my share of the money in your country.

I am ready to share with you in ratio 60/40 as far you will keep this deal
confidential. If this business proposition offends your moral values, do
accept my apology. I must use this opportunity to implore you to exercise
the utmost indulgence to keep this matter extraordinary confidential,
wherever your decision, while I wait your prompt response.

Musa Bello

Power4Patriots Energy Scam


Is Power4Patriots a scam?

Excellent question.

Power4Patriots is a company pays for sponsored ads that show up in Google Search results, however, they have had quite a few complaints against them for being a scam. They have been seen on hundreds of websites such as,, WND, and The Blaze.

Power4Patriots claim to offer a solution to get off of the grid, and leave your electricity bill in the dust. They claim that you can build a do it yourself solar panel for under $200 USD, but the quality of the solar panel may not be that great. They even state on their website that uncertified solar panels cannot be hooked back up to the city grid to sell electricity back to the utility company.

Power4Patriots also state on their site that you cannot buy the solar cells locally, but you can buy the aluminum, screws, wires, and hardware at a local hardware store.

Reviews on that identify that this is a scam:

  1. I bought a bunch of these DIY energy products - this is the only one that was not delivered. I tried calling the number but I can't leave a message and it asks me to send an email - they are full of it, because no one checks that email as no one has responded to my complaints over the last month. It pisses me off that you charge so much for a product, but yet have no infrastructure in place to deal with your customers. the BBB rating is BS - these guys are a fraud scam. (JuicyJay)
  2. I am an 80 year-old female who is trying to cut expenses. Thought this might be something at a reasonable price that would give us information. My grandson can build anything. I paid for the set and never have received a word from them. Took my money and my experience is the same as an earlier person. They don't answer email and you can't get them on the phone. Total rip-off. I am going to contact a few of the people they lists as supporters. Surely they don't want to support a total scam! (Kitty from Atlanta)
  3. How to get your money back! July 7th I ordered "Power4Patriots". I went for their whole package. Somehow I managed to click twice for it. They did not give a chance to review the order like legitimate companies. On my credit card I now have a double order. I found the phone number and got a recording to send an email. I sent the email on July 9th they responded by the 15. July 24 they responded again to a second email still stonewalling! No resolution. No refund. No credit to my card. Today is the 25. Delay and ignorance is their friend. So, immediately contact your credit card company. Let them get your money for you. There is a 60 day limit to file an issue with the Credit Card Company. I had this done to me at the tune $260, a couple of years ago by a company in California. You have to take them to small claims court. This setup is the same sheet. Here is how they talk"Power4Patriots was recently featured on Glenn Beck, Bob Livingston and Lee Bellinger shows and websites -- we're grateful to these folks for getting the word out on our product but we're also sorry that we're not able to get back to you as quickly as we would like. We're working hard to catch-up. Thank you in advance for your patience! " some one needs to kick them in their caboose. I plan to contact Glen and let them know how they are tainting their names. (James McCoy)
  4. The web site Open4Energy publishes a directory of consumer energy scams - please use this free resource - to avoid being duped. Best way to find a genuine review by us is to Google 'product name + scam review" ClickBank who collect the money, will process a refund, we have a link to the support page for this (valjean16)

Power4Patriots lists their mailing address as
P.O. Box 121709
Nashville, Tennessee 37212

Power4Patriots lists their Warehouse and Returns address as:
405 W. Fairmont Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85282 

Email Phishing from Bedroom

Email Phishing from Bedroom