Power4Patriots Energy Scam


Is Power4Patriots a scam?

Excellent question.

Power4Patriots is a company pays for sponsored ads that show up in Google Search results, however, they have had quite a few complaints against them for being a scam. They have been seen on hundreds of websites such as GlennBeck.com, PersonalLiberty.com, WND, and The Blaze.

Power4Patriots claim to offer a solution to get off of the grid, and leave your electricity bill in the dust. They claim that you can build a do it yourself solar panel for under $200 USD, but the quality of the solar panel may not be that great. They even state on their website that uncertified solar panels cannot be hooked back up to the city grid to sell electricity back to the utility company.

Power4Patriots also state on their site that you cannot buy the solar cells locally, but you can buy the aluminum, screws, wires, and hardware at a local hardware store.

Reviews on ComplaintsBoard.com that identify that this is a scam:

  1. I bought a bunch of these DIY energy products - this is the only one that was not delivered. I tried calling the number but I can't leave a message and it asks me to send an email - they are full of it, because no one checks that email as no one has responded to my complaints over the last month. It pisses me off that you charge so much for a product, but yet have no infrastructure in place to deal with your customers. the BBB rating is BS - these guys are a fraud scam. (JuicyJay)
  2. I am an 80 year-old female who is trying to cut expenses. Thought this might be something at a reasonable price that would give us information. My grandson can build anything. I paid for the set and never have received a word from them. Took my money and my experience is the same as an earlier person. They don't answer email and you can't get them on the phone. Total rip-off. I am going to contact a few of the people they lists as supporters. Surely they don't want to support a total scam! (Kitty from Atlanta)
  3. How to get your money back! July 7th I ordered "Power4Patriots". I went for their whole package. Somehow I managed to click twice for it. They did not give a chance to review the order like legitimate companies. On my credit card I now have a double order. I found the phone number and got a recording to send an email. I sent the email on July 9th they responded by the 15. July 24 they responded again to a second email still stonewalling! No resolution. No refund. No credit to my card. Today is the 25. Delay and ignorance is their friend. So, immediately contact your credit card company. Let them get your money for you. There is a 60 day limit to file an issue with the Credit Card Company. I had this done to me at the tune $260, a couple of years ago by a company in California. You have to take them to small claims court. This setup is the same sheet. Here is how they talk"Power4Patriots was recently featured on Glenn Beck, Bob Livingston and Lee Bellinger shows and websites -- we're grateful to these folks for getting the word out on our product but we're also sorry that we're not able to get back to you as quickly as we would like. We're working hard to catch-up. Thank you in advance for your patience! " some one needs to kick them in their caboose. I plan to contact Glen and let them know how they are tainting their names. (James McCoy)
  4. The web site Open4Energy publishes a directory of consumer energy scams - please use this free resource - to avoid being duped. Best way to find a genuine review by us is to Google 'product name + scam review" ClickBank who collect the money, will process a refund, we have a link to the support page for this (valjean16)

Power4Patriots lists their mailing address as
P.O. Box 121709
Nashville, Tennessee 37212

Power4Patriots lists their Warehouse and Returns address as:
405 W. Fairmont Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85282 

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