Phishing Scam Email From Mr. Ibrahim Lalorde

Two businessmen walking
An Executive Chairman and British Prime Minister

Received From: [ Mr. Ibrahim Lalorde ]
Subject line: Good News!

Mr. Ibrahim Lalorde Phishing Scam Email

Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.
The Group Executive Chairman
Mr. Ibrahim Lalorde,


I am Mr. Ibrahim Lalorde Efcc Executive Chairman. This is to inform you that your compensation fund as a fraud victim has been approved for immediate payment on your behalf and your representative Mr. Charles O’Brien who claims to be your next of kin presented the bank account
information below:

Royal Bank of Scotland

Glasgow Branch
A/C: 0911667701590723
Swift Code: RBS0943SCT
Routing No: RBS000897423S
Beneficiary: O’Brien industries Ltd.

Note that once you are able to send to us your details we will direct you
to the paying bank account, for an immediate payment you.

1. Your Full: Name: and Address:  2. Your:telephone:  3. Your: occupation 4. Your Sex and Age.

For the transfer stating that you are died of a car accident last week but
we still decided to contact any way but if we did not receive any response
from you within the next 1 week will assume it true and will have no
choice than to have the fund wire to his bank account above.

Expecting an urgent response.


Mr. Ibrahim Lalorde
The Group Executive Chairman
Economic and Financial Crimes Commission

Image Source: Flickr Creative Commons; by bisgovuk

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Email Phishing from Bedroom

Email Phishing from Bedroom