Phishing Scam Email From Mariam Ture

Mariam Ture
The following email is from Mariam Ture:

My Dear,
Good evening to you

Thanks for your mail and God bless you toward my plight. I receive
your mail with all pleasure and I am very happy for your concern,

If you can read my previous mail very well you will understand that
chosen you is not something I know you before or met you before but I
believe its the will of God that directed me to come across your email
contact on and I pick you as my savoir for my future life
and if you accept me and give me this great assistance I needed I
promise you that you will never regret of helping out. Really I
founded many email contacts on but my heart goes to you

This is the most reason I contacted you to assist me in this
transaction, I went to the bank to withdraw some money for myself
management the banker Dr Maurice Johnson said I can not have any
access on the money because my late Father deposited this money in
fixed code suspense account which cannot withdraw or input any money
to the account unless it's been transferred to foreign bank account
overseas, that my name only stands as the next of kin to for the bank
deposit file.

That is why I contacted you to stand as my Representative Abroad to
receive this money into your bank account.

I am presently staying at one of the local guest house here in Abidjan
City Ivory Coast in western part of Africa for the safety of my life.
I stop schooling because of what am facing from my families members
because their selfish culture which says that if a man die without a
son that all his properties will share among his family members. I
don't want to talk much about what I have gone through but will
explain to you when we get everything concluded and I find myself in
your country ok.

Here are the areas I needed your help. I will want you to stand as my
trustee as well as my representative abroad so that you will instruct
the bank to transfer this money deposited with the bank here for
investment project this is base on the mode that my late father
deposited the money with the bank here.

I needed your assistance to get a nice University where I can continue
my education and I will want you to help me get a resident permit in
your country when I come over there to stay and to help me buy a good
apartment where I can live.

If you assured me to assist me as I mention above,
Kindly send to me your full name, your place and date of birth, Your
direct telephone numbers your full address to enable me introduce you
to the bank as my representative who is going to receive my inherited
money for investment project in your country.

As soon as I hear from you with your assurance to assist me I will go
to the bank and submit your information and also introduce you to the
bank as my representative abroad who is going to receive my inherited
money for investment project in your country for the immediate
transfer processing on your name as the banker assured me.

I am waiting for your prompt respond and wishing you a very happy day

Yours Faithfully,

Mariam Ture
If you receive spam email that is identical to that above, do not give this con artist your information. It is a scam to get access to your money.

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons; by US Army Africa

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Email Phishing from Bedroom

Email Phishing from Bedroom