Complete the Halloween Survey and Claim Your Kohls Gift Card Scam

Kohls Gift Card Scam
Take the Halloween Survey to Claim a Kohl's gift card scam

Don't become a phishing scam victim with the Kohls Halloween Gift Card Scam. If you receive an email stating that you will receive a Kohl's gift card in exchange for information, don't be fooled. Kohl's did not send out this email. The sender is from China and this is a scam. The scammer will not send you a gift card for your troubles.

This is how email phishing works. The scammer sends a semi-legitimate looking email, with a link in the body of the email. The link may say it is taking you to one website, but in reality, it is taking you to a pseudo-website, linked to a database. The unsuspecting individual then enters their precious data into the database and hackers are attentively standing by to start finding out more information about you with what you have given them.

Tracking the Kohl's Phishing Scammer

It is very easy to track this email phishing scam back to the source. I have done this for you.

The Kohls gift card scam is sent from this email address in China:

If you track this down to the location, it originated from China. The IP address is:

If you receive an email with the following Subject line, it is a scam:

Complete the Halloween Survey and Claim Your Kohls Gift Card

Do not go to the website at the link in the email and fill in your information. If you do, you could be at risk for identity theft. Kohls does not send out Halloween surveys via email. Kohl's is not responsible for people trying to win a free gift card.

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons; by Fan of Retail


  1. The big issue is why does this email not tell how to screw up the Chinese assholes who sent the email?

    Better yet, people should COMPLAIN to Kohl's about it. They have Lawyers sitting around looking at their Facebook. Make Kohl's do something LEGAL about it!!!!

  2. This blog is all about informing people about phishing scams. Yes, one could complain to Kohl's about this particular phishing email. If you live in the state of California, certain legal actions can be taken against phishing scam emails.


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