Rev Martin Chukwu Mr Dada Yayi and Mr. Marco Hellman Email Phishing Scams

The following post contains various random phishing emails that are typically shorter in nature, generally a paragraph in length.

Phishing Email: ALICIA KOKOUU

Subject: INFO
Received: August 27, 2015

I am sending you this mail in good faith. I am Mrs. ALICIA KOKOUU now undergoing medical treatment for cancer. I was married to late Dr.JAMES KOKOUU who was a contractor with the United Kingdom consulate in Hong Kong for many years. Before his death in 2004, we both had an account with a financial institution where we deposited the sum of Four Million Euros. Recently, my doctor told me that I have few months to live due to cancer problem.Having known my condition; I have decided to nominate you as my beneficiary since the financial company has now written me that the length of time agreed upon to hold my funds have now expired. My desire and purpose is for you to promote humanitarian works. I.e. assisting the less privileged and building orphanage homes in your country and to upset my medical bills. Please assure me that you will act accordingly as I stated herein. I will give you further details when I hear from you.


Phishing Email: PayPal Security Department

From: PayPal Security Department
Subject: Account Verification
Received: August 10, 2015

Dear Recipient,

Unauthorized users have tried to send money from your account. We regret to inform that your account is currently limited.

An account may be limited for a variety of reasons; One of them is unauthorized access (another person trying to use your account without your consent).

Furthermore, we have sent you this email in hopes that you would provide some information to us, verifying that you are the legitimate account holder.
An attachment (FORM) was sent through this email. Please download and open it in your browser to provide your information.

We will restore access to your account as soon as our security team reviews your information.

Thank you in advance for the information you may provide with us.

Best Regards,
PayPal Security Department Team


Phishing Email: Mr Dada Yayi

From: Mr Dada Yayi

Received: August 3, 2015

Urgent Attention;

we are inform you that your total fund of$2.8M, US Dollars.Has been forwarded to our Western union head office on friday for immediate transfer to you in  your information and you will be receiving $6000.00 per day,here is your first payment, senders name Joseph Motigwe, MTCN..312-585-0067 until you received the total sum. Contact the foreign transfer Director Dr.Johnson Ube. contact phone: +229 984 509 93,, comply now with your receiving details/information.

Mr Dada Yayi

Next Phishing Email: Rev Martin Chukwu

From: Rev Martins Chukwu

Subject: Attn:
Received: July 29, 2015

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Email Phishing from Bedroom

Email Phishing from Bedroom