Christ K. Chikwuebuka Email Phishing Scam

From: Christ K. Chikwuebuka
Email: ChristK.Chikwuebuka@
Subject: Investment Project/Loan

Hello Sir,

My  name is  Christ K. Chikwuebuka.

I run a finance/consultancy firm  in Lagos,Nigeria.

I have providers of bank instruments such as BANK GUARANTEE, SBLC from prime banks in Europe and America for leasing to you or out right purchases if need be.I also have some of my clients as government officials here who have huge funds for loan/ investment abroad. So, if you have projects and you need BG or SBLC, be assured that you are in the right hand.

Regarding  loans/funds I am  direct to some Government officials in Nigeria who have funds for loaning and investment abroad for 10years at a very good terms.Presently i have 3 clients with a total  of usd585million with me as their trustee for loaning/investment purposes  to overseas. These  clients are also interested to use part of the funds to buy homes/properties and also interested in oil and  gas.Depending on what you want, we can work on any of them above.

NOTE;I am also  informing  you that we have two reliable sellers of gold bars, gold dust, dore bars on a good term/condition
If you are interested, reply asap for details etc

Christ K.Chikwuebuka

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Email Phishing from Bedroom

Email Phishing from Bedroom