Barr. Bitacky Wilcox ATM Bank Card Phishing Email Scam

UBS Building

Barr. Bitacky Wilcox Email Phishing Scam

From Barr. Bitacky Wilcox

Email received from:


On behalf of the chambers, I (Barr. Bitacky Wilcox) have the pleasure to re-call your attention on the urgent need to contact the "United  Parcel Service"
(UPS) regarding the dispatch of an ATM bank card, valued $4.5 M issued in
your name.

In line with the notification we received,this amount was ordered for
release via ATM bank card from a leading commercial bank  where the funds
was repatriated to after a confirmation  was established that it was
being misdirected to a wrong person.

It is rather a puzzle to note that we detected lots of irregularities
associated with your claim as revealed by the bank and we are honored
to inform you that two gentlemen namely, Mr. Herbert Dean and Mr.
Scone Anderson submitted an application letter that you authorized
your fund to be paid into their account of Union Bank of
Switzerland (UBS) with Account number UBS- A943BDG99 with a report
that you are now incapacitated as a result of the ghastly motor
accident, you had some months back.

After processing the application of these gentlemen which the bank
made known to us that they came from you, they succeeded in getting
some required documents in making sure that the bank processed the
legality as quickly as possible without any further delay.
The delay in transferring the funds is due to the request for a power
of attorney authorizing them to pursue this payment on your behalf.
They asked us for a week so as to submit the document, but up till now
we have not received any of the documents from any of you. Reconfirm
to us if all these arrangement is authorized by you.

We had earlier confirmed some details to the issuing bank based on the
file we kept to your data as the rightful beneficiary.
Kindly reconfirm your direct phone line and contact address
immediately,and let us know as soon as you are contacted by either the
(Lloyds TSB) bank London or the Management,©UPS Online Management

This email is to let you know that the parcel left sub-origin on 12/20/2012
and since on the 31st of January 2013, it has been in Pine Bluff,AR
(Arkansas), United States, awaiting  clearance.

To track this information,kindly go to and insert the
tracking number
below to view delivery status.
Tracking Number: 1Z9575R2P297341747

However,the issuing bank,has just notified us to reveal that your
attention is needed immediately for a proper redress and amends. Meanwhile, please check your ATM bank card for fradulent activity immediately.

Do not hesitate to contact me personally. Again, I am Barr. Bitacky Wilcox.
Your urgent response through my email:

Barr. Bitacky Wilcox

Image Credit: Flickr Creative Commons; by twicepix

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