Blizzard Email Phishing Scam Originating in China Blizzard email phishing scam

Dear Blizzard customer, 

Because you are involved in the trading of gold and equipment, legitimately means playing with an unaltered game client. Doing otherwise violates our policies for, and it goes against the spirit of fair play that all of our games are based on. We strongly recommend that you avoid using any hacks, cheats, bots, or exploits. Suspensions and bans of players that have used or start using cheats and hacks. 

Fake Blizzard Confirmation Website

You can confirm that you are the original owner of the Blizzard account to this secure website with: 
[Link removed for your safety]

Login to your account, In accordance following template to verify your account. 

* Account Name and Password 
* Secret Question and Answer 

Show * Please enter the correct information 

If you ignore this mail your account can and will be closed permanently. 
If you wish to review our current Rules and Policies for World of Warcraft and, they can be found at:
[Link not displayed]


Customer Services 
Account Administration Team 
Blizzard Entertainment
Note: This email originated from IP Address: (see picture below)

IP Tracking results for
Last time I checked, Blizzard does not have a division in China. This is definitely an email phishing scam. Never use direct links in an email to log into an account. Go directly to the website that you know is verified and log in directly that way, or contact the legitimate company on their phone number and ask if they actually sent you an email. They will tell you if it is a legitimate email, or an email phishing scam.

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Email Phishing from Bedroom

Email Phishing from Bedroom