Mrs. Jenet Dibor Minister of Foreign Affairs Phishing Scams

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Your Payment Notification
From Mrs. Jenet Dibor
Minister of Foreign Affairs

Attention Please

On behalf of our Executive Aims of Government, I was authorized to inform
you that the arrangement to effect your inheritance payment of $2.5
Million has been scheduled Your inheritance payment of $2.5 Million has
been arranged for you through Inter Swift ATM Card payment which will
allow you to withdraw from any ATM Machine in any part of the world
Europe, America and Asia pacific. This is the latest instruction from our
President Dr. Yayi boni and that is why I (Mrs. Jenet Dibor) was authorized to contact you as the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Therefore you are advised to contact the United Bank Of Africa (UBA) Bank
ATM Department  for the immediate delivery of your ATM Card. They are the
only bank appointed by the Federal government to send you the ATM card.
Note that the only money you will send to them is the processing fee.

Contact person  Mr.James Ude
E-mail: (
Telephone +229 6822 7521

Send to him your full details as listed
1) Full name:______________
2) Address:_______________
3) Country:_______________
4) City:________________
5) Telephone:______________
6) Age:_______________
7) Occupation:______________
8) Sex:_______________

Forward your details to  Mr. James Ude  E-mail: (,
ask him how to send the fee and how much it will cost.

From Mrs. Jenet Dibor
Minister of Foreign Affairs

Image Source: Flickr CC; by Pedro Ribeiro Simões

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Email Phishing from Bedroom

Email Phishing from Bedroom