Man and Pitbull Steal Garbage Truck in Boulder, CO

stolen garbage truck in Boulder, CO
Stolen Western Disposal Garbage truck (Boulder, CO)
A man in Boulder, CO stole a garbage truck and thought he would get away with it. But not before politely asking a police officer if he could borrow his car.

26 year-old Daniel Morkert, became nervous on Wednesday, August 30, 2014, when police were performing an investigation in his neighborhood in Boulder, CO. Daniel came outside of his apartment building with his pitbull and thanked the officer for his service. Daniel Morkert then asked the officer if he could borrow his police car.

Daniel Morkert Steals Garbage Truck

The police officer said no, so Daniel opted for something bigger -- a garbage truck. The garbage truck driver got out of the vehicle to move a dumpster, and that's when Daniel Morkert hopped in the driver's seat and drove off. Daniel Morkert then said, "I'm taking your truck!" The truck driver pleaded for Morkert to not take the truck, but it was too late. Not to mention that Morkert also had his pitbull in the garbage truck with him.

Boulder police then followed Daniel Morkert in a low speed chase down U.S. 36. Police put down spikes on the road near McCaslin Blvd. to flatten the tires. One tire blew on the spikes, but Daniel Morkert continued to drive eastbound on U.S. 36. After the tire blew, the police cars chased the garbage truck at 30 m.p.h.

The stolen garbage truck finally exited U.S. 36 at Wadsworth Blvd heading north. Shortly after, Daniel Morkert crashed the garbage truck into a median, south of Midway Blvd., in Broomfield. Morkert was apprehended by Broomfield police, then given over to Boulder CO police.

A neighbor of Daniel Morkert told police that she believes he is schizophrenic, and was initially freaked out by police in their neighborhood.

Daniel Morkert has been charged with reckless driving, auto theft, and eluding a police officer.

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