Victoria's Secret: Woman Attempts to Smuggle $40,000 Cash Abroad in her Underwear

Victoria Faren hidden money in girdle
Bra and Girdle with $40,000 cash

A 78 year-old woman from Florida was recently caught trying to smuggle cash abroad in her bra and girdle. She was caught at the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport on its way to the Philippines. Her name is Victoria Faren, and she lost $40,000 in cash to customs because she was caught trying to smuggle her money through customs.

Why was this an issue?

This was an issue because all commercial airline passengers must declare the amount of money they are taking abroad, and the maximum amount is limited to $10,000 USD. The total amount of cash that Victoria Faren tried to smuggle on board was $40,000 USD. She only declared having $200 USD on her, which was $38,800 short of the real amount concealed on her.

Victoria's Secret was Hidden Cash in her Girdle

Victoria had a secret. She had $8,000 in her carry-on luggage, $3,000 inside her blouse, with $2,000 of that cash was sewn into her bra strap. Customs agents then noticed that there were bulges in her girdle. They patted her down, and found $21,000 USD stuffed inside her girdle.

The Source of Her Money

Victoria Faren recently sold her house for $120,000 USD, and wanted to bring $40,000 of that to the Phillipinnes, because she believed that it would be "safer" there. She hid the money on herself because she knew that it was illegal to smuggle that much money out of the country.

Victoria Faren was ultimately not charged with a crime. She has to go before a judge in order to persuade the judge that she should be able to get her $40,000 cash that was confiscated by customs.

Image credit: Flickr CC; by Minnesota Historical Society

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