Jimmy John's Protested for not Giving Employees Sick Days

Jimmy John's tainted sandwich made by sick worker
Something really sick has been made public by Minnesota Jimmy John's employees. They started a campaign to make a point that Jimmy John's employees are not given sick days. So they made the poster above to illustrate the point that it is unfair as well as unhealthy for the public to eat a sandwich made by a sick Jimmy John's employee. Moreover, former employees share stories of how they were punished for calling out sick, and unreasonable forced by the manager to find a replacement for their shift, or be punished.

The viral poster above points out that you would not be able to tell if a sandwich was made by a sick employee of the company, and that Jimmy John's should do something about it.

Should Jimmy John's Employees Protest their Employer over Sick Days?

If you are going to work for a company, when you agree to their terms of pay and other compensation, you agree to the terms. You don't start working for them, and then make a campaign against the company as an employee. That is grounds for termination, and is damaging to the company's reputation.

The employees involved were fired from Jimmy John's, which then filed a lawsuit against the company in 2012. The National Labor Board Review Board reviewed this case and sided with the fired employees, and has ordered Jimmy John's to give the "whistleblower" employees their jobs back.

According to an Inquisitr article, Jimmy John's was also identified in a news story about food-borne sickness in the state of Washington due to raw clover sprouts with E. coli.

Below is a video of former Jimmy John's employees that were fired from the company, and they want people to be educated on Jimmy John's practices.

For more information on the Jimmy John's campaign to get employees sick days, visit: www.jimmyjohnsworkers.org

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