Miss Asia Pacific World Loses $100,000 Crown and International Title for Dishonesty

Miss Asia Pacific World refuses to give up crown

Miss Asia Pacific World, May Myat Noe has been accused of "stealing" the crown given to her as winner of the international title. The official website has now blacked out her picture, saying that she has been dethroned as Miss Asia Pacific World. She lost her $100,000 crown, and title for being dishonest and rude. She offended the organizers of the pageant, with some saying she never showed them the proper respect. From the moment she arrived, the South-Korean organizers acknowledged that they paid for her to have breast implants so she could look "more beautiful" for the pageant. They paid £6,000 pounds for breast enhancements. 

The now ex-queen, May Myat Noe, is from Yangon, Myanmar. They accuse her of stealing the crown, because they rescinded her title of Miss Asia Pacific World, and she refused to give back the $100,000 crown.

May Myat Noe, Miss Asia Pacific World

Ultimately, May Myat Noe was accused of lying to her pageant managers, and now stealing the crown, which led to her downfall as Miss Asia Pacific World. Hia Nu Tun was acting as her manager unofficially, and was involved in a discussion with pageant organizer over who should oversee her career as Miss Asia Pacific World. May's mother also was wanting to be her manager.

Burma started sending women to the pageant in 2012. May Myat Noe won the title in May 2014, opening a door of opportunity for Burmese women to have opportunity with international success.

Image credit: Flickr CC; by Hilda Solis

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