African Union Email Phishing Scam


Rushed Message from the African Union

MESSAGE FROM AFRICAN UNION BANKPlot 991/992 Zachariah Malabar StreetCentral  business  district.
Attn: Dear E-mail Owner
This message is from African Union (A.U). We received a confirmation of your payment valued the Sum of  3.500 Million U.S Dollars remitted from the Bank of America Escrow Account to United Bank of Africa (UBA) Benin Republic for onward Transfer to your designated Bank Account. My acquaintance with you as your superintendent officer is based on strict directives from the paying Bank where your fund was en-routed through the Bank of America. Recent findings by our in-house security department revealed gross misdemeanors of office by previous administrative officials who intentionally delayed the expected process of the foreign Diplomatic shipment for selfish and dubious interest resulting to this time lapse, which we sincerely tender our profound apologies with view to addressing a timely justification of this office being our propagator scheme with view to revamping the system and process the timely release of your funds using the open flexible available payments options that would be communicated to you in follow ups.
To forestall the security and  unnecessary delay. We have concluded the arrangement of releasing the 2.500 Million U.S Dollars to you through a Western Union under the United Bank of Africa (UBA) after the meeting held on 28th MARCH 2016 between United Nation (U.N) and African Union (A.U). We tried as much as possible to uphold the already laid down Principle of law regarding the necessary legitimate procedures in the payment of your total funds but it required your complete data as shown below before the Western Union carries out the transfer process according to their managing director.

African Union need your Personal Information

You’re full Name----------------­-
Your house address-------------­--
Your outgoing number--------------
Your Occupation----------­----
Your Age/Sex-------------------------
Passport copy/ID Card-----------------
Please NOTE: The needed transfer charges has been paid by this office (African Union) but the only fee you are Required to pay to the Western Union in order for them to re-activate your Reference Numbers and release your payment to you is just $55.00 U.S Dollars, and instruction on how to make the payment will be given to you by Dr Anthony William as soon as you contact them. He will also issue you your Fund Certificate of Origin once they confirm your information with the fee altogether .And  please for your information Check Yourself Well do not contact if you are not interested to follow this instruction And make Sure that you are the real person thank you
Contact Person: MR OTUTUNZ AGU Email []
Best of Regrad
Western union Office A.U Secretary General (AUSG)

African Union

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Email Phishing from Bedroom

Email Phishing from Bedroom