$14 Million Dollar 404-Carat Diamond Found in Angola by the Lucapa Diamond Company

$14 Million dollar diamond found in Angola
The Lucapa Diamond Company has found a 404-carat diamond, valued at $14 Million USD in the South African country of Angola. It measures about 7 cm in length. Yehuda tested the diamond, and found it to be Type IIA stone, which is "flawless" in diamond standards. It is also "D" colored, which is colorless, and considered to be the rarest types of diamonds.

More on the Lucapa Diamond Company

This company is based out of Perth, Australia. The diamond was found in their Lulo mine. This mine is located east of Luanda (which is in Angola).

Fun Facts

Fun fact #1: This is the largest diamond ever found by an Australian miner.
Fun fact #2: This is the largest diamond found in the country of Angola.
Fun fact #3: Angola is the fourth largest diamond producing nation, by value.

In 1905, a 3,106-carat diamond was found in South Africa in 1905.

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