Macy's gift card
Macy's Holiday Gift Card Phishing Scam

Subject line: CLAIM YOUR $25 MACY'S HOLIDAY GIFT CARD after completing this short survey...

The email contains a link that says: or Click here to visit web site!

The link redirects you to:

Questions Required by the Survey Site for $25 Macy's Holiday Gift Card

The website then asks you two questions before asking for you to enter your email address to "Claim Your $25 Macy's Holiday Gift Card"

Question 1: "Have you shopped the holiday gift guide?"  (Click yes or no)
Question 2: "Have you downloaded the Macy's App?"   (Click yes or no)

After entering your address, they proceed to ask you more questions:

Question 3: 92% of females want free samples. Do you want free samples? (Click yes or no)
Question 4: 18% of our users own their own business. Do you? (Click yes or no)
Question 5: 93% of our members use coupons to save money at the grocery store. Would you like coupons for brands such as Bounty, Cheerios, Yoplait, Scott, and other grocery items? (Click yes or no)
Question 6: 44% of our members shop at Sam's Club. Are you a Sam's Club member? (Click yes or no)
Question 7: 40% of our users Meditate. Do you? (Click yes or no)
Question 8: 64% of our members shop online. Do you? (Click yes or no)
Question 9: 84% of our female members have read an inspirational/motivational quote in the last year. Have you? (Click yes or no)
Question 10: 8% of Americans are unemployed. Are you?
Question 10b: 12% of our members are unable to work because of health issues or an injury. Would you like to see if you qualify for monthly disability benefits?
Question 11: Do you have a bank account?
Question 11b: Would you like a Prepaid Visa Card for free - No overdraft fees or interest charges!
Question 12: Would you like a chance to win $1 MILLION a year for life through Publisher's Clearing House? The winner will be announced February 28th. (Click yes or no)
Question 13: 76% of our members are considering taking classes or going back to school online. Are you?
Question 14: 20% of our members use diesel fuel. Do you? (Click yes or no)
Question 15: 78% of our members enjoy cooking. Would you like to receive free daily recipes?
Question 16: 77% of our members have requested free, low-cost health insurance quote. Would you like a free health insurance quote?
Question 17: 60% of our members have unpaid student loans. Do you? (Click yes or no)
Question 18: 78% of our members would like to learn a new language. Do you? (Click yes or no)
Question 19: 30% of our members own a home. Do you? (Click yes or no)
Question 20: 62% of our member save money using AT&T U-Verse for TV, Internet & Phone. Would you like information on how to start saving today?
Question 21: 54% of Americans have young children or are expecting. What about you?
Question 22: 43% of our members use last minute deals to save on travel. Do you?
Question 23: 54% of our members like getting free stuff in exchange for taking surveys. Do you?
Question 24: 89% of our members over pay on their electricity bill monthly. Would you like to receive $50 Cash Rebate from Verde Energy USA?
Question 25: 40% of our members have more than $10,000 in credit debt. Do you?
Question 26: 26% of our members have a life insurance policy. Do you?
Question 27: 48% of our members enjoy eating SmartOnes Low Fat and Low Calorie meals. Would you like to receive $4 off your next SmartOnes purchase?
Question 28: 83% of our members are paying too much for their long-distance phone service. Are you?
Question 29: 62% of our members use SavingStar to redeem grocery eCoupons for everyday items such as juice, paper towels and diaper. Would you like to join and start saving today?
Question 30: 78% of our members purchase Kellogg's Brand products. Do you?
Question 31: 47% of our members would like to earn extra cash at home. Would you?
Question 32: 26% of our members used 1&1 to build their custom website(s). Would you like a Free Trial?
Question 33: 68% of our members have a pet. Do you?
Question 34: 48% of our member use Multivitamins. Would you like to try Health Source Multivitamins for free?
Question 35: 12% of our members used Life Alert during an emergency at home. Would you like to have Peace-of-mind for less than $1 a day?
Question 36: 82% have high interest credit cards. Would you like to see if you qualify for a low interest credit card?
Question 37: Do you speak Spanish?
Question 38: Sign up to learn more about your health insurance options.Affordable Health Insurance is here. You've got new options. We've got you covered. Check your email soon.
Question 39: 93% of our members prefer to receive newsletters on topics they like. BONUS: FREE TOOLS, SAMPLES & COUPONS INCLUDED.
Question 40: 93% of our members prefer to receive newsletters on topics they like. Please select newsletter categories you're interested in.
Question 41: 71% of our member use As Seen On TV products. Do you?

At this point the survey then switches over to a sign up for magazines and services, and asks 10 more questions. What started out as a "short survey" somehow morphs into a very long survey that turns into a sign up for paid services. 

The sign up for a free $25 Macy's Holiday Card is a scam to get you signed up for things you don't want.

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Email Phishing from Bedroom