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A Phishing Scam Asking you to Donate to the Charles Kosh Foundation

Compliments of the day to you from Charles Kosh Foundation,

We know this message maybe a surprise to you but do kindly accept our money gift and donation as a kind gesture from our ongoing good will project 2020. Our foundation founder and CEO, Charles de Ganahl Koch has indeed been a great Philanthropist to this generation and is truly committed to “giving while living,” and his decision to end his requirement of anonymity stems from this value.

We (Charles Koch Foundation ) just recently organised and launched our internet donation program as this will enable us reach out to more people outside the shores of the United States and England so they too can benefit from the fortune of Mr. Charles de Ganahl Koch and our foundation as a whole. Many other major philanthropists look primarily to support large institutions and not individuals which is absolutely wrong thus we are changing such with this

The launch of this internet/mobile donation program came up so as to avoid unsolicited pleas for donations and to avoid the idea of people feeling indebted to him/us.

However, If you have received this message, please contact us with your Name, Age, Gender, Address/country of residence, Occupation and Telephone number because you are entitled to receive £250,000.00 United Kingdom Pounds from our organization.

Read About our Foundation here: 

Anthony Lloyd
Manager Charles Kosh Foundation 
England and Wales
On Behalf of Charles de Ganahl Koch

Editorial comment: Somehow, they want you to believe that you are getting money from them - when in reality, they are trying to steal money from you. This is definitely a phishing scam.

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons; by HowardLake

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  1. I was sent this Email for Donation so thank You for putting this on here I responded and the Email was sent non existent from florida


Email Phishing from Bedroom

Email Phishing from Bedroom