Senator Ike Ekweremadu Phishing Scam

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Email Phishing Scam from Senator Ike Ekweremadu

Office of Senator Ike Ekweremadu
The deputy president
Federal republic of Nigeria
National Assembly Complex
Three Arms Zone
P.M.B 141 Abuja Nigeria



ATTN: Beneficiary,

I am Senator Ike Ekweremadu, (Deputy Senate President) the Chairman of SENATE 

COMMITTEE ON CONTRACTS CLAIM BETWEEN 1990 TO 2013. His Excellency, President 

Good-luck Jonathan ordered for immediate review and investigation on contracts 

awarded to both Local and Foreign contractors starting from 1990 to date, both 

executed and non-executed for immediate review and payment on any contract 

satisfactorily done and confirm to be legally awarded by this committee. Upon 

this decision, the President inaugurated this Committee and I was appointed the 

chairman of Committee, hence all contract files were passed to me yesterday 

from all the dissolved task forces, Ministries, Corporations, Agencies and 

Parastetals of government on contract payment and from the Central Bank of 

Nigeria (CBN), since CBN lost its credibility during the Military regime. This 

Committee was mandated to pay off any contract certified okay after the review 

and reconciliation. Any leftover money will be dedited to your bank account.

However, after the investigation on your contract file today which proved your 

claim to be illegal and unrealistic, I decided to send this confidential 

message. I have decided to contact you first by your email due to the urgency 

of this transaction, as I am aware that it will take at least two to three 

weeks for a normal post to reach you. So I decided it is best using the email. 

I crave your understanding of the fact that no contract was genuinely awarded 

to you by the Federal Government of Nigeria. That this bank fund you are claiming 

emanated through a deliberate over-invoicing of contract genuinely awarded to a 

German Firm by some members of the Contract Award Committee. This is your money.

These workers contacted you to come and put up claims on this since as Civil 

Servants, law does not allow them to run any overseas accounts. For the fact 

that original contractor has been paid long ago by a confidential bank fund, they used their positions to 

obtain all the required documents to back up this claims. I and my committee 

members are to cancel this payment after investigation but for a reason which I 

will let you know when I hear from you, I decided to seek your confidential 

co-operation. Nobody knows the outcome of this investigation as it on me as the 

chairman to put up a final report. I decided to keep it confidential to seek 

your opinion on this matter, "I HAVE INTEREST ON THIS BANK FUND" and I the Chairman 

decided to write a favorable report on your behalf confirming your claims to be 


With this satisfactory report, a Legal Clearance Certificate and Irrevocable 

Transfer Permit Certificate (ITPC) will be obtained on your behalf from the 

Federal Ministry of Justice to legally back up your claims as now required by 

the Civilian Government. Considering your financial input to this transaction, 

all present financial obligations to claim this fund will be taken up by both 

of us towards the successful conclusion of this lingering transaction, but this will

depend on your acknowledgment of this letter and our agreement on the sharing 

of the bank fund and your guarantee on my share getting to me at this end. This 

piece of information which you have at hand now, is the true position of things 

and it is obvious to you. You may be getting one or two information from your 

partners and other people the reasons that are holding this payment which is 

false. I am telling you for your own interest to stop further communications 

with these people concerning this payment because the truth is what you have at 

hand now and no other person knows. I am categorically telling you that without 

my instructions as the Chairman of this committee and also as the Senate 

President, this bank fund cannot get to you otherwise you end up spending more money 

without success.

You are advised to reconfirm the below listed information to proceed with the 

immediate payment for you.

    1  full names
    2  present contact address.
    3  Mobile, Phone Number and Fax.
    4  Occupations/age/sex.
    5  Private Email Address.
    6  Home Equity (Yes or No)
    7  Country of resident

Furthermore, I am assuring you that under the new dispensation for contract 

payment, I will make this dream a reality. This depends if you can stop further 

communication with any other person as well as keeping my communication with 

you secret and confidential because only you and I knows the outcome of this 

investigating Committee. For confidentiality  and security reasons, I expect to 

hear from you between now and the next 4 days from the date of receipt of this 

message in acknowledgment of this proposal, otherwise, I will believe you are 

not interested and I will go ahead to recommend the cancellation of the 

contract payment out rightly and reveal it to my committee members.

I await your response to enable me commence work in the processing of claim.

Senator Ike Ekweremadu [GCON] 
Deputy Senate President & Chairman of the SENATE COMMITTEE 

Image Credit: Flickr Creative Commons; by infomatique

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Email Phishing from Bedroom