Boy with Cap Gun Fails in Victoria, Australia Convenient Store Robbery

convenient store robbery
Boy wearing black mask attempts robbery Victoria, Australia

attempted robbery in Victoria, Australia
Steve Ewart refusing to give boy money at the register

A Boy with Cap Gun Fails in Victoria, Australia Convenient Store Robbery, thanks to employee Steve Ewart.

A Victoria, Australia convenient store robbery was thwarted in March 2014, when a teenage boy was refused by the convenient store employee, Steve Ewart. This particular convenient store in Victoria, Australia has been robbed four times in the past year and six months.

Victoria, Australia Police investigating the attempted robbery believe that the teenage boy came into the store earlier that day to "case" the store before attempting the robbery.

How the Attempted Robbery in Australia Went Down Under

When the boy entered the store, he was wearing a black mask and a brown tee shirt red letters on the front. There was no clerk at the register, so he waiting at the register, with the mask already on.

Then Steve Ewart came to the register. The boy then pulls out a plastic bag and tells Steve to fill it with money, putting his hand on the fake gun tucked into his pants. When Steve Ewart says, "nope," the boy pulls out the gun and points it at Steve Ewart's face, sideways. Right then, Steve knows that this was not a real gun, but only a cap gun or replica.

The boy said, "Give me all your money." Steve Ewart replied: "It's not going to happen." The boy pulled out his toy gun. Steve Ewart said again, "It's not going to happen."

The boy then said, "Do you want to test me, mate?"

Steve Ewart then said, "It's still only a cap gun, I'll test you all day."

The boy realized that the convenient store clerk had got the best of him, so he left without stealing anything.

The security camera in the store caught it all on tape, although there is no audio available.

You can watch the attempted robbery below.

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