Tennessee Handyman Jerry Breedlove Scams Collierville, TN Residents

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The Handyman Scam by Jerry Breedlove

If you live in Collierville, TN, don't get scammed by the handyman, Jerry Breedlove.

He created a fake invoice for over $3,000 for materials that he never purchased.

Stop Jerry Breedlove from Scamming Collierville, TN Residents

One woman, Linda Corti, is taking the matter into her own hands. She purchased the website jerrybreedlove.com in an attempt to stop the fake handyman from scamming people out of money.

Jerry Breedlove scammed Ms. Corti out of $3,054.75.

She hired the handyman to install recessed lighting, but the job never happened. Conveniently, Linda Corti had already paid Jerry Breedlove the money, and then he disappeared. She never saw him again, and he didn't return any of her phone calls.

Linda Corti took the false invoices back to Graham's Lighting store because the invoice was on their letterhead. Graham's Lighting said that the items on the invoice were never purchased from their store, and the invoice was fake. The owner of Graham's Lighting, Bob Myers, was furious that Jerry Breedlove would do such a thing.

The website jerrybreedlove.com says: "Do not hire Jerry Breedlove as your contractor"

Was there Resolution to the Jerry Breedlove Scam?

Since this scam has taken place, an investigator tracked down handyman Jerry Breedlove and Breedlove made a confession. "Yes, sir, I admit that I did that...I had a situation that I couldn't control at my house, and I was wrong...and she'll get payments every week until that there is paid for, sir."

This news story was reported by WMC-TV Action News 5 on February 28, 2014.

Have you been scammed by this handyman?

Update: According to readers, Jerry Breedlove has been spotted and working out of the state of Mississippi. This blog encourages all readers to research all handymen and contractors before hiring them. Consider using Angie's List to find out more information on them. Protect yourself from getting scammed.


  1. BEWARE! He scammed my elderly, kind, retired teachers out of thousands of dollars and it has had a lasting effect on their health. He even stole their deck that was valued at $6000. He said he was "taking it his house to work on it". He never completed most of the work he billed them for. You can contact The City of Olive Branch to verify that he was told he better never show his face in this town again. He is not licensed as a contractor in MS. He is one sorry SOB and slick as shit. I hope he rots in Hell!

    1. This is just one more thing to add to the many people scammed by him over the years, including family!! He now lives in MS most likely doing the same thing!!

  2. Jean-Ann Liles, I am so sorry that this has happened so close to home. I hope the information in this blog post helps people to stay informed on Jerry Breedlove apparently now operating his scam in Mississippi.


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Email Phishing from Bedroom