Google Drive Phishing Scam from Rev. Dr. Karen

Fake Google Login used for Phishing 

Beware of the Google Drive phishing scam. One is particular going around is from a Rev. Dr. Karen.

What does Google Drive have to do with Rev. Dr. Karen?

The email says that it is urgent, under the name of Rev. Dr. Karen. The email says she is "serving humanity spiritually" and gives a phone number to call.

The message reads:


Kindly click the link to view the document I uploaded for you using Google cloud drive.

{Link here}

Thank you.

The signature section of the email has a quote from Mother Teresa.

How the Google Drive Phishing Scam Works

The email appears to be a link that connects the email recipient to a Google Drive doc, but the link redirects you to a webpage that is hosted on one of Google's servers. However, it is not operated by Google. Do not be fooled by the SSL encryption that makes this phishing scam look authentic.

When the user enters their information into the page, it is then stored in the hacker's database for retrieval.

Symantec points out on their blog that Symantec users are protected against this particular phishing threat.

Protect Yourself Against Compromised Google Servers

First of all, never click on any links contained within an email. If you need to go to a website, then go there directly and log in. Never use a link contained within an email. Doing so puts your security credentials at risk for phishing scams. Don't ever open documents or files attached to an email from someone you don't know.

Google has not commented on how or why their servers are being compromised, and how hackers gain access of their servers.

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