Steak bought from a Tampa, FL Wal-Mart laced with LSD

Steak laced with LSD
Steak (source: Flickr; by tarale)

Steak bought from a Tampa, FL Wal-Mart laced with LSD

A family in Tampa, FL get sick after eating bottom round steak bought from Wal-Mart laced with LSD. Rosado and Ronnie Morales, and their two daughters (ages 6 & 7) fell ill after eating the LSD-tainted steak.

After the parents started hallucinating and experienced shortness of breath, they called 911.

They all drove to St. Joseph's Hospital, as directed by the 911 operator., where they received medical treatment.

What does LSD stand for?

LSD is a hallucinogenic drug, and stands for lysergic acid diethylamide.

How did the LSD get into the Steak?

The Hillsborough County medical examiner did confirm that the Tampa, FL Wal-Mart steak was contaminated with LSD.

Authorities are wondering how LSD got into the Tampa, FL Wal-Mart steak, as it would have had to have been put into the steak by someone that handled the meat. They have removed the family oven as evidence to test for LSD. The bigger question is how the LSD retained its drug-like properties after being cooked at high temperatures.

At what point did the Tampa, FL Wal-mart LSD contamination happen?

The family maintains that they have no idea why or how their Wal-Mart steak contained LSD.

Wal-Mart states that they get their "meat already prepared and packaged from suppliers" and therefore have no clue how the LSD got into the steak. In other words: "we didn't do it, so don't sue us."

A Wal-Mart spokesman issued a statement: "We're just very grateful that the family appears to be okay."

If your food makes you hallucinate...

There is an important moral to this story to be learned: If you ever start hallucinating after eating food, call 911 immediately. It may be laced with LSD.

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